Maza Antique
Concentrated to Ancient Chinese Porcelain and Javanese Bronze
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About Us

Maza Antique located in Sidoarjo Indonesia, we are concentrate in Ancient Chinese porcelain and Ancient Javanese Bronze for years beginning as a hobby. All the ancient antiques represent a private collection which obtained and collected from the old area in East Java Indonesia by searching and finding of the exavacation from the burried.
We tried to sell the best and original items with high quality.

Thank you very much for visiting our online shop to enjoy the rare and fine antiques porcelain and bronze. Feel free to contact us by emails to find out more about items that you interest .

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It's your destination to find antiques with high quality and age. We are Offering antiques Furniture, Antiques Chinese Ceramic-Porcelain and of the period from early ceramic to Qing Dynasty, include Chinese Imperial Porcelain. Also offering Antiques bronze, Jade-Stone, Painting, Lighting, and Other antiques. All of antiques items available on our online shop.